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kir grace flower

Hi, I'm Kir, at Your Service ;)

Your Cosmic Biz Coach who Talks to Aliens 


I'm an intuitive channel, meaning I connect with loving extraterrestrial beings and have the ability to see and feel your energy.

For 17 years, I've been communicating with these high-frequency guides to help highly sensitive, creative cosmic beings like you not only remember your soul’s true purpose of free expression and joy but also bring your creative visions to life in 3D reality.

My journey has been a blend of experiences, of course. I dropped out of college in 2009 to pursue kundalini yoga, which I am still practicing and teaching as foundational work today!

From owning a boutique girls' surf school to creating a highly profitable local nanny network, I've always been passionate about exploring entrepreneurship to serve my community and fulfill my deepest desires for time flexibility, daily joy, financial freedom, and creative flow.

For over a decade, I shared my spiritual work offline, building a local following and client list. Since October 2020, I’ve been full-time online, spreading cosmic vibes into the online vortex.

With Cosmic Biz, I'm here to help highly sensitive, neurodivergent, and spiritual women build and grow their online businesses. I combine traditional business strategies with spiritual practices like kundalini yoga and quantum healing.

Together, we'll take action on your potential and create a business that’s joyful, impactful, profitable, and true to who you are. You're here to feel free, express joy, and make a difference in the world. By tapping into your cosmic connection, you can do just that.

Let's blast off on this journey together and create a thriving business that reflects your true self.

I'ts time to optimize your unique starseed energy system and take action on your potential. Together, let's create an online business of joy, freedom & prosperity.


Mystic Eye
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