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Starseed, are you ready to learn the truth of your origins? You are an interstellar being with a unique soul purpose on Earth.

I believe you stumbled upon this for a reason.

You are awakening.




Hi, I'm Kir -
your friend who talks to aliens :) 


I am an intuitive channel in open communication with multi-dimensional high frequency beings & energy systems. To put it more simply: I talk to loving aliens & I see & feel your energy. I have been channeling galactic guides &  for almost 15 years. I  am here to guide awakening starseeds into soul remembrance so you can be the glitch in the matrix you wish to see! You are here to feel free & express joy into the world. From the inside out, you can change the world by remembering your cosmic connection. This is how we create a New Earth Matrix. Let's do it together!

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