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Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

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Join Kir Grace for MOON MAGICK CEREMONY at The Lions Den

What makes this event so cool??!!

Kir channels E.T guides, angels & cosmic energies to guide each class through a meditation journey with spirit messages and more! Every event is different and unique based upon the energy in the room.

You will be guided through a meditation journey that may include: meeting your spirit guides, E.T traveling, colored energy work, angel messages, past life journey, ancestral contact + so much more! Every event is different - it always depends on who is in the room and who wants to come through! How fun?!

In this unique offering you will experience:

A relatable summary of the astrological components of the current moon phase

& opportunity to set intentions in alignment with the moon cycle.

- guided breathwork to regulate the nervous system and begin to relax the body & mind

- guided relaxation + channeled meditation journey with cosmic messages for the collective participants in the room (Kir is an E.T channel & will channel these messages and meditation journey based on the energy of the room)

- crystal bowl sound bath

*No experience necessary whatsoever! Everyone is welcome. All levels will feel comfortable and guided in this space.*

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