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One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the field of prosperity, abundance and miracles is through sound. More specifically, mantra. The word mantra comes from the experience of sound waves flowing through the mental body. Tra comes from tarang, which is the wave of sound. Man is the mind. When we chant sacred mantras, we are creating a sound wave that aligns our mental energy with the infinite and out of our finite mental fluctuations.


You don't need all of the things to manifest prosperity.  You don't need to learn to virate higher in order to open channels of abundance. You need a regulated nervous system and a refined mind. THAT IS IT. when the nervous system feels safe & the mind aligns with the infinite beyond the limited perceptions of the ego - you put out a signal to the universe from your soul. 

what to expect in this class: 

  1. I will open with a talk about the energetics of mantra & how they work to help us open channels of abundance

  2. Redefining the prosperity + abundance and how to embody the true desires behind what our mind is saying we want

  3. journaling exercises on the above concept 

  4. guided kundalini meditation using breathwork, mudra + mantra

Testimonials from starseeds who have used Kir's methods of mantra & manifesting in similar classes!

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