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Are You Ready to Quantum Leap into 7 Figures?

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

When I scroll on instagram I feel like every 7 figure boss babe is selling me quantum leap manifestation courses to guarantee 7 figures in 3 months and I gotta tell ya...... sometimes it makes me feel like shit.

I recently created a reel that said:

I don't have a 7 figure business

I haven't manifested 10k months

I don't live on a tropical island

but I am learning to love myself

accept where I am

find peace and safety within

process deep inner child trauma

leave toxic relationships

prioritize my nervous system

& express gratitude on the reg.

This sentiment seemed to resonate with a lot of people which leads me to believe I am not the only one mentally floundering in a sea of pressure and bullshit surrounding the spiritual manifestation space right now.

I offer you this….

Yes, shoot for the moon baby, but can we bust a quantum leap misconception right now? You can’t quantum leap in a state of denying your present moment, your now moment body, your 3rd density physical essence. The Pleiaidans wisely stated in a channeled session over a year ago that 2021 was the year of

“do not abandon your shadow aspects in the name of ascension.” When you accept and love what is - what is will change. Your quantum leap is in the field of frequency therefore it is not outside of the now moment. Timeline hopping out of your present reality is a temporary fix. You cannot escape deeply rooted frequencies lodged in the emotional body creating karmic patterns. Mindset work is helpful but the nervous system and the body are the baseline for everything. If you made it this far I hope you know it’s okay to be where you are, sweet one. Normalize being normal, grateful and simple.

You can desire all you want and you fucking deserve it but if you don’t feel safe, worthy and grateful right where you are - nothing external will grant you relief only upleveled triggers bringing you right back to where you are NOW in the field of feelings. Practice feeling nurtured, safe and grateful: hot baths, warm tea, gentle stretching, crying, journaling, dancing, yoga, breathwork, EFT. Mix and match. Nurture your nerves and your body as you do the mindset work.






Please please please please find a way to hug yourself today as the true lesson in all of self healing is unconditional self love….

The pieces of yourself your are trying to fix just want to be loved.

Like a little child in time out for not being good enough - you are good and you are enough. Take your shadow aspects out of time out and love the living hell out of her/he/them.

What will you do to offer yourself compassion today?

Xo - Kir

About Kir Grace:

Kir talks to high frequency energy beings of light also called aliens. She has been channeling these beings for 14 years thanks to her UFO encounter and activation. Prior to this galactic activation she was a channel of angels + spirits. At a young age she saw auras and enjoyed casting spells upon elementary school crushes. It is then she learned the danger of forcing her desires upon the universe (insert laughter). Throughout her lifetime of exploration she has done over 500 hours of kundalini meditation training, over a decade of teaching kundalini in class settings + continues to consider herself a student of the great unknown mystery of life. Known and loved for her sassy and honest take on being a human, Kir embraces all feelings as valid & encourages her beloved clients, friends, followers + all beings to explore their emotional experiences in the same loving container.

Ps. Kir is an avid “conspiracy” theorist, believer in all things bizarre and an advocate for enjoying life as it is. She by no means has anything figured out and likes to say the word fuck.

Come as you are.

Be as you are.

You are an aspect of Source

& you are here

To Re-member.

Learn More: The Starseed Sanctuary A one of a kind self paced program AND ongoing live support community designed for awakening starseeds to learn their true soul origins and use this knowledge to optimize their unique energy system. We cover everything from manifestation, ascension, kundalini, the energy of money + so much more.

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