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Stareed Transmission: The Great Event is Coming

There is a divine intelligence designed to guide your life. Choosing to function from rigidness and fear is a familiar choice yet it keeps you in the patterns of the collective karma. The collective is awakening to conscious intelligence & this is The Event of a Great Awakening. Love ruling the field of earth is The Great Event. Do not fear an external reckoning but do address the reckoning within. Approach your unraveling with love & trust in the divine unfolding.


Kir + ✨ 👽

About Kir Grace:

Kir talks to high frequency energy beings of light also called aliens. She has been channeling these beings for 14 years thanks to her UFO encounter and activation. Prior to this galactic activation she was a channel of angels + spirits. At a young age she saw auras and enjoyed casting spells upon elementary school crushes. It is then she learned the danger of forcing her desires upon the universe (insert laughter). Throughout her lifetime of exploration she has done over 500 hours of kundalini meditation training, over a decade of teaching kundalini in class settings + continues to consider herself a student of the great unknown mystery of life. Known and loved for her sassy and honest take on being a human, Kir embraces all feelings as valid & encourages her beloved clients, friends, followers + all beings to explore their emotional experiences in the same loving container.

Ps. Kir is an avid “conspiracy” theorist, believer in all things bizarre and an advocate for enjoying life as it is. She by no means has anything figured out and likes to say the word fuck.

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