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The Alchemy of Surrender

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

“Come with your cares

come with your woes

come when life is joyful

come when life weighs you down

come when you are spread too thin

come when you are danced outcome when you seek renewal

all I ask when you come

is that you surrender to me

mother ocean

my watery womb waits to hold you

nurture you

birth you anew

when you let go and give over all to me.”

A message from Yemeya from The Goddess Oracle by Sophia Marashinsky artwork by Hrana Janto

What is surrender?

Surrender is acknowledging the physical mind has limited power.

Surrender is the yin to the yang...

..the release to the hold

..the exhale to the inhale

..the expansion to the contraction

..the love to the fear

..the feminine to the masculine

..the receive the give


Sounds to me like surrender is quite the opposite energy of the structured and anxiety-ridden fear matrix we find ourselves scrambling to survive 24/7.

So, have you ever tried to tell yourself, "Just let go?" It doesn't work well, does it? The ego, designed to create structure and safety, will promptly respond with, "THEN WHAT?" And there you go down a rabbit hole of what ifs, fear, and the attempt to control.

It's a vicious cycle. No one is immune.

Most likely, you are resisting surrender because letting go of the outcome feels scary.

When we release our minds from the responsibility to control the outcomes of our life, we open ourselves up to miracles.

Let's be honest here, are you micromanaging the flow of the universe? Are you insisting the universe makes things happen in the time frame created by your finite mind?

Where has this pressure come from?

I'll tell you right now, it is not your inner being. It is not your soul.

It's also not your fault! Look at the world we have incarnated into. It is quite frankly not a vibrational match to the innate divine frequency of our inner being.

Before we go any further do me a favor and take yourself off the hook. Surrendering is hard work and you're already on the journey just by reading this far.

Let's keep going, shall we?

When we gently begin to peel back the layers of conditioning we can observe the energy in which our daily actions are being performed.

Are you taking action from a place of fear or are you taking action from a place of trust? Are you pushing forward with the belief you have to make things happen or do you move forward knowing you are enough?

The goal is to balance action with surrender as both are necessary components to creating a life in alignment with your innate soul frequency.

Does surrender mean quitting your job and watching Netflix on the couch? Does it mean ignoring your bills & racking up debt so I can drop everything and fly to Bali and and and .....


Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a solid Netflix binge but there is some sort of balance to seek within all of this...

Let's get this straight. Maslow's hierarchy of needs ( as shown above) and providing stability for yourself and maybe your family, in this reality, is a real concern.

Humans are action-oriented in nature. The actions of going to work, even if you don't love your job right now, are necessary to create income to live. This is honoring ALL aspects of yourself. While your inner being is cruising like snoop dog smoking a blunt on a raft, the human being deserves some aspects of support and consistency created by stable income.

Surrender is not a total non-action. It is not the abandonment of physical responsibility. It is not denying the realities of physicality.

We live in a physical reality that requires physical activities to create. I always think of it as the conception of a baby. The action is intercourse. Without this action there is no creation, right?

By using our precious creative energy to control every step of the way and every outcome, we cut ourselves off from receiving higher vibration experiences. We close off seemingly unrelated channels of abundance, miracles, opportunity, connections, and love that are seeking to make their way into our life.

Within this acceptance how can you give the logical mind more ease? What aspects of control are you able to hand over? Begin by noticing where your mental energy goes. Can you shift into noticing where you can appreciate your life and the stability you are creating? This is an important first step.

Taking the action to appreciate the small things in your NOW that ARE working, even if you feel stuck, is an act of surrendering some of the resistance.

In releasing even the tiniest bit of resistance, we make room for more love, more opportunity, more magic and more miracles.

Sweet human, you deserve more of what makes you light up.

Only when we appreciate what is in the NOW do we tap into the frequency of expansion and our physical reality can change.

A channeled inquiry from A Council of Light:

Dear Starchild,

Why do you resist surrender?

What keeps you from surrendering?

You hold resistance…..but to what?

You resist the divinity of Now.

You resist remembering your own divine nature.

You resist releasing the fear in the face of an illusion-filled matrix that says, “BE AFRAID.”

Who are you without your stories?

Your ego fears the loss of identity.

Who are you without your goals?

What are you without the stories?

Are you possessed by your possessions?

Who are you without your goals?

Who are you without the anticipation of outcomes?

You are infinity.

You are far more than the finite mind can comprehend.

You are All That Is & All That Is Not in a singular frequency.

You are in a cosmic recall

a collective awakening

in your remembering -

You will find flow into the field of pure synchronicity and all of your needs will be met in ways the logical mind cannot comprehend.

Surrendering is accepting

your life IS The Great Awakening.

Want to dive deeper?

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