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Galactic Akashic Readings

It is time to remember your star origins & untangle karmic energy blocks
You are an interstellar traveler 
You have a unique soul purpose for coming to Earth at this time.
You are not alone! 
May we awaken the divine starchild within one another
& create a New Earth together



Feeling homesick and ungrounded on earth to connecting with your Galactic Star family & appreciating your HERE AND NOW

Questioning life direction to feeling empowered and safe exactly where you are

Feeling stuck to releasing the mental pressures of life 

Thinking you are alone in your sensitivity to remembering you are a precious human being meant to thrive & feel loved 

Feeling disconnected from the divine to activating the remembrance of your magic

Feeling overwhelmed unable to manifest your desires to receiving unique techniques from your guides on how to manifest with your own energy system

Feeling confusion around your sensitivity to realizing the potential for it to be your gift


Hi :) 

My name is Kir Grace 

I have been channeling E.T guides for 14 years & serving up professional readings since 2016. To have this opportunity to share guidance from the stars for fellow starseeds on Earth is a mind blowing reality and I am really fucking grateful to be here for you. Take a casual scroll to learn more about what a galactic akashic reading entails & read some words of past client experinces. If you have any questions I'm right here to answer! Love, Kir + 👽 


What IS an akashic reading?

A Galactic Akashic Reading accesses the cosmic energy of the Akasha, which is the Universe’s energetic records of ALL soul patterning, to answer any questions you may have about your soul's journey through the cosmos and on earth


What can we explore in a session? 

• your "home" star system, angelic or planetary origins and lineage

• past, parallel lives on other star systems that are being expressed here and now in your auric field

• your soul purpose, life work and career path

• relationships, friendships, family dynamics

• bodily symptoms of energy blocks

• your soul’s intention for incarnating at this time & how to embody this and live a more fulfilling life

• awakening and exploring spiritual gifts

• connection with your E.T family, E.T guides, angelic guides & spirit guides

• releasing of old attached karmic energy in the emotional body 

Because these patterns of energetic records are held in the highest frequency of love, all answers to questions are aligned with self empowerment through unraveling the vibrational truth to your situation. Kir will receive downloads and information from your soul, E.T guides & family, angels & any beings of light coming into the field to bring clarity, insight and love.

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