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Guided Kundalini Mantra Meditation: Inviting High-Frequency Light for Divine Auric Protection and In

Guided meditations are a great way to find peace, relaxation, and focus in your daily life. In this episode, we are introduced to a Kundalini mantra that is used to invite high-frequency light to surround the electromagnetic field, providing divine auric protection.

The meditation begins with a gentle relaxation and visualization of white light. The purpose of this visualization is to create a sense of peace and calm within the listener, allowing them to let go of any stress or negative emotions they may be feeling. The visualization is followed by the introduction of the Naad mantra, which is believed to be the universal sound current that can shift vibrations and invite in high-frequency light.

As the meditation continues, the listener is encouraged to focus on their breath and repeat the Naad mantra. The mantra is chanted in a specific way, with a rhythm and tone that is designed to elevate the listener's vibration and bring them into a state of deep relaxation.

Throughout the meditation, the listener is guided to focus on the white light that surrounds them, allowing it to fill their entire being with divine auric protection. The white light serves as a shield, protecting the listener from negative energy and providing a sense of safety and security.

Overall, this guided meditation is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to find peace, relaxation, and protection in their daily life. By using the Naad mantra and visualizing the white light, listeners can tap into a powerful energy source that can help them navigate the stresses and challenges of modern life with greater ease and clarity. Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself!

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