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Guided Meditation: Kundalini Mantra for Divine Auric Protection

In this guided meditation you are ushered into a gentle relaxation and visualization of white light. The ancient mantra used throughout the meditation is referred to as Naad: the universal sound current to shift the vibration and invite in high frequency light to surround the electromagnetic field.

So, what’s mantra?

One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the field of prosperity, abundance and miracles is through sound. More specifically, mantra. First, what’s mantra? Mantra is the projection of the mind through sound.

Man = mind

Tran (comes from trang) = wave or projection

So, thought waves & mental projections.

The technology of mantra is based on the understanding that sound is a primal form of energy and has power to penetrate the psyche, effect the chakras, change brain chemistry, relax the nervous system, alter the cells of the body & so on.

Hi! I'm Kir.

Your friend who talks to aliens AND host of The Cosmic Tea Podcast

I am an intuitive channel in open communication with multi-dimensional high frequency beings & energy systems. To put it more simply: I talk to loving aliens & I see & feel your energy. I have been channeling galactic guides for 15 years and teaching Kundalini mantra and meditation for 12 years.

I am here to guide awakening starseeds into soul remembrance so you can be the glitch in the matrix you wish to see! You are here to feel free & express joy into the world. From the inside out, you can change the world by remembering your cosmic connection. This is how we create a New Earth Matrix. Let's do it together!

Want to dive deeper?

Manifest your soul desires using the sacred technology Kundalini yoga, mantra & mudra. In this pre-recorded program from a past live challenge - you will be guided into using a specific mantra to align your mental body with the field of prosperity & bring more divine support into your physical life.

Learn More: The Starseed Sanctuary A one of a kind self paced program AND ongoing live support community designed for awakening starseeds to learn their true soul origins and use this knowledge to optimize their unique energy system.

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