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Master Your Manifesting with Kundalini Mantra

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the field of prosperity, abundance and miracles is through sound. More specifically, mantra.

So, what’s mantra?

One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the field of prosperity, abundance and miracles is through sound. More specifically, mantra. First, what’s mantra? Mantra is the projection of the mind through sound.

Man = mind

Tran (comes from trang) = wave or projection

So, thought waves & mental projections.

The technology of mantra is based on the understanding that sound is a primal form of energy and has power to penetrate the psyche, effect the chakras, change brain chemistry, relax the nervous system, alter the cells of the body & so on.

You don't need all of the things to manifest. You need a regulated nervous system and a refined mind. THAT IS IT. when the nervous system feels safe & the mind aligns with the infinite beyond the limited perceptions of the ego - you put out a signal to the universe from your soul.

For the most part manifestation is taught by using the positive mind and positive feelings. This gets old pretty quickly, doesn't it?

This limited method taught in mainstream manifestation burns out the nervous system and has you wondering, "What am I doing wrong?"

The state of your nervous system dictates the vibration of your thought patterns. Without using tools that prioritize feelings of safety in the body alongside mindset work, you will always find yourself back in scramble mode.

This is why my manifestation technique of choice is Kundalini Mantra.

Fluctuating between positive and negative is not the sustainable way to creating a life of your dreams. This constant back and forth will keep you in a state of attachment and resistance.

The positive mind and the negative mind BOTH hold resistance.

Resistance is what keeps us from receiving.

Reaching your next level, or any stable level, of manifestation is manifesting from the neutral mind not the positive or the negative.

The neutral mind vibrates at a frequency that is in alignment with the law of allowance and the frequency of your soul!

Ecstacy is the frequency of your soul space.

Strengthening your ability to pause in the sacred space of neutrality allows the soul frequency to emit a signal that aligns you with your vortex of miracles and synchronicity without mindset work and burn out.

Manifestation coaches often talk about releasing resistance and becoming more neutral as the last step in manifestation but it can be the first and only step!

The neutral mind can be activated and expanded by engaging in systematic meditation techniques ( using kundalini mantra & mudra )that regulate the nervous system and project mental energy of divinity into your magnetic field

When you regulate your nervous system with mantra, breathwork, mudra & somatic techniques, your vortex filters in higher frequencies of ecstacy and miracles beyond what you can come up with in the positive mind.

Manifesting by attaching to the logical mind limits the laws of the universe.

In my 25 minute intro class below I explain more about HOW mantra can help you raise your vibration and manifest with more ease! I also guide you into using my favorite mantra to tap into my higher self and raise my vibration in just a few minutes.

Want to dive deeper?

Manifest your soul desires using the sacred technology Kundalini yoga, mantra & mudra. In this pre-recorded program from a past live challenge - you will be guided into using a specific mantra to align your mental body with the field of prosperity & bring more divine support into your physical life.

Learn More: The Starseed Sanctuary A one of a kind self paced program AND ongoing live support community designed for awakening starseeds to learn their true soul origins and use this knowledge to optimize their unique energy system.

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